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About the Office of Judicial Support

Prior to the adoption of the Home Rule Charter, the functions of this office were performed by the Office of the Clerk of Courts and the Office of the Prothonotary. The office now functions under one department head, Mary J.Walk, Esquire, with an additional Criminal Division and a Civil Division.

The Criminal Division is responsible for case files in all criminal cases processed from the local District Justices. In addition, the division handles the posting of bail, the return of bail, summary appeals and appeals to the appellate courts.

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The Civil Division handles all civil cases which involve suits by individuals, unincorporated and incorporated businesses, liens against properties and judgments on individuals are also filed and maintained in this office.

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The office also provides a Court Clerk for each sitting judge and others handling matters pertaining directly to the courts. Notaries must register their signatures in this office.

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The Delaware County Recorder of Deeds and the Office of Judicial Support together have implemented new procedures regarding Notary Recording and Registration. Please see below for more details:

Procedures for Swearing in Notaries Public:

  1. Notary contacts Recorder of Deeds (ROD) for his/her Commission at (610-891-4144).

  2. Notary sends ROD, preferably by email to a copy of his/her official, unexpired Driver’s License or Passport, completed Bond and completed POA.

  3. When ROD receives these documents and verifies them, ROD will email the Notary his/her Commission and Signature Card.

  4. Notary will then go to an official who can administer his/her oath (another Notary will do), be sworn in, and sign their commission. NOTE* the Bond paperwork has two places for Notary signature – please sign in both spots labeled “Principal”.

  5. Notary will then fully complete the Signature Card.

  6. When complete, the Notary will mail the Bond, Oath, POA, signed Commission, and a check or money order made payable to “Recorder of Deeds” in the amount of $50.50 to the Recorder of Deeds office.

Please send a self-addressed, stamped return envelope along with these documents for the return of the original Commission and payment receipt.

Also, send the completed Signature Card with check or money order made payable to “Office of Judicial Support” in the amount of $3.30 – the Recorder of Deeds office will send this to the Office of Judicial Support via inter-office mail once the Bond & Oath has been recorded. OJS will then record the Notary’s signature in its Notary Registry Book.

Mail everything to:

Recorder of Deeds
Delaware County Courthouse and Government Center
201 W. Front St.
Rm. 108
Media, PA 19063

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Delaware County, presently consisting of over 184 square miles divided into forty-nine municipalities is the oldest settled section of Pennsylvania.

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