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The Prison mailing address is:
P.O. BOX 23

All inmates are encouraged to write and receive letters from family, friends and other people. Generally, there is no limit to the mail inmates send and receive. However, it may be disallowed if contraband is found.

Indecent, nude photos, or sexually suggestive material including pictures are NOT allowed. Pictures with marker or crayon will be prohibited. All mail is opened and examined for restricted materials, contraband and money. Certified checks and money orders will go into your account. All contraband shall be confiscated. Unauthorized currency, personal checks and payroll checks will not be accepted. A form will be sent to you by the Mailroom staff to request an address to return restricted items, Unauthorized currency CANNOT be put in your personal property. You will be given a receipt for all funds credited to your account. Polaroid pictures with any type of backing must be removed. Any picture or item with foreign substance on the item is not allowed. Letters with stickers, mailing labels or decorative stickers of any kind will be returned.

Scent detector dogs may scan all incoming mail and packages for contraband items.

Legal mail will be opened and inspected for contraband in your presence. You will sign for your legal mail to verify you received your mail. If you have a legal need to send out certified mail, attach a completed Transfer Request Form to the envelope you want to mail. The Mailroom will calculate the cost of certified mail and send it out. The cost of the letter will be charged to your account.

Books, magazines, newspapers, and religious items/literature must come from the publisher or bookstore only. Certain publications are prohibited such as pornography, drug paraphernalia, catalogs, price lists, calendars anything that presents a security risk, promotes discrimination, endorses hate or encourages insubordination. If you are unsure, address a request for information to the Deputy Warden of Operations and Support Services. All publications received from a bookstore or book publishing company are limited to 4 within a 30-day period. Publications received from the publisher are unlimited. A list of publications not permitted in the facility are listed in the Case Manager's Office.

No Hardcover books are permitted to be sent to the facility.

Any material that advocates racial or religious hatred for example the Noble Quran, the Satanic Bible, etc. will NOT be accepted. Material or photos that encourage sexual behavior will not be accepted.

Writing materials, that are available on commissary, may not be received by mail, including postage stamps, stationary or envelopes.

Other unauthorized enclosures include: stickers, buttons, pins, plastic cards, phone cards, pens, pencils, and musical cards, return address labels or food of any kind.

No lipstick, body oils, perfume or glue, etc. allowed on envelopes or letters.

In-house correspondence to staff members shall be routed on an Inmate Request for Information Form provided by the Housing Officer. Requests for in-house correspondence between inmates are to be directed to the Unit Case Manager for approval from the Deputy Warden Operations and Support Services and the Deputy Warden.

Packages are not normally permitted. Any exceptions must be requested via your Case Manager and approved by the Assistant Warden of Records.
If you wish to mail a letter, you may do so by placing it in the mailbox in your housing unit anytime during your scheduled recreation period, do not give your mail to the Housing Officers or any other staff member for deposit in the mailbox. Letters with contraband will either be returned to sender or confiscated, depending on the contraband.

G.W.H.C.F. only permits correspondence with someone at another prison or at G.W.H.C.F. if he or she is in your immediate family. A request to do so must be submitted to your Case Manager for approval. Relationship must be confirmed through birth certificates or marriage certificates.



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