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Job Opening: Court Officer
Department: Court Administration
Posting Date: August 3, 2022
Closing Date: until filled
Starting Pay: $9.48 per hour
Scheduled Hours: Per Diem, Monday through Friday; overtime as needed; infrequent sequestration with jury


The Court Officer is accountable for proper preparation of the courtroom and bench, conduct and decorum of persons in court, security and responding to personal needs of jurors.

Essential Duties

Under general supervision of Court Administration and the Judges’ Court Crier, the Court Officer will:

Prepare courtroom for hearing

Serve as messenger for and escort to Judge in order to maintain order in court

Oversee conduct of jury

Assist prospective jurors in preparation of selection questionnaire

Swear in jurors and monitors conduct to assure seclusion

Serve as messenger for personal needs of jurors and as guard to jurors in passage to, from and away from court

Ensure familiarity with the established routine and any necessary changes

Prepare courtroom, checks on lighting, ventilation, cleanliness, P.A. system and brings deficiencies to attention of proper persons for prompt correction

Prepare judge’s bench by placing case files, note paper, pen and/or pencil, drinking water, etc.

Encourage proper conduct in courtroom and monitor conduct of those present as requested

Request services of enforcement personnel to establish order and/or decorum in the court, as necessary

Prevents unauthorized communication between jurors and others

Guard entrance to jury room and relays messages between jury and judge during deliberation

Accompany jury when sequestered to assure absence of communication between jurors and others; respond to personal needs of jurors; monitor mealtime, recreation and sleep periods, etc.

Performs related duties as require


High school graduate preferred

Experience communicating with public

Ability to maintain order


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