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Abuse, Fraud, Waste Hot line

Abuse - Domestic Violence/Abuse

Abuse - Protection from Abuse Orders

Administrative Code - Delaware County

Administrative Services

Adoption Records

Adult & Family Services

Adult Probation and Parole Services

Aging Services - COSA

Alert - Delco

Alcohol and Drugs

American Rescue Plan Act Updates

Americans with Disabilities Act (Courts)

Animal Bites - Health Department

Applying for Employment

Archives of Delaware County

Assessment Appeals

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Bail Agency/Pre-Trial Bail

Bid Specifications

Birth Certificates

Bites Animal - Health Department

Board of Assessments

Board of Elections

Board of Health

Board of Managers - Juvenile Detention

Boards, Commissions, & Appointments

Budget Management

Bureau of Elections

Bureau of Park Police & Fire Safety - Department of Public Safety

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Central Purchasing

Civil Dockets

Check my Homestead Exclusion Status

Child Care

Child Development and Early Learning

Child Tax Credit

Children & Family Services

Children Vaccines - DCHD

Clayton Park

Clerk - County

Code - Administrative Code - Delaware county

Cold Weather Plan

Commerce Center

Commissions and Boards - List of

Community Action Agency

Community Service (formerly Community Corrections)

Community Development Block Grant Program

Conservation District

Consolidated Planning

Consumer Affairs


Cooperative Extension

Coronavirus (COVID)

County Assistance Office

County Clerk

County Council

County Council Meeting Dates/Calendar County

Council Agendas

County Council Minutes

Council Liaison Assignments

County and Township Demographics

County Facilities Management

County Fact Sheet

County Holidays

County Maps- GIS

County Parks

COSA - County Office of Services for the Aging (COSA)

Courts of Common Pleas

Court of Common Pleas Judges

Courts Diagnostic Services

Courts - Electronic Recording Center

Courts - FAQs

Courts - Internal Management

Courts - Judges

Courts - Legal Audio Visual

Court - Local Rules

Court Related Departments

Courts - Specialty


Criminal Dockets

Criminal Investigation Division (CID)

Current Projects - Planning

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Death Certificates/Records

Deeds - Recorder of


Delco 2035 - Planning

Delaware County 2035 - Planning

Delaware County Administrative Code

Delaware County Chester Waterfront Industrial Development Authority (Stadium Authority)

Delaware County District Attorney

Delaware County Health Department

Delaware County Home Rule Charter

Delaware County Human Services

Delaware County Industrial Development Authority

Delaware County Redevelopment Authority

Delco Alert

Delco New Park (Former Don Guanella site)

Delco Ready - Planning for an Emergency

Delco - Visit

Delco Votes

Destination Delco

Development Review - Planning

Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities

Diagnostics Services - Courts

Disaster Recovery Resources

District Attorney

District Judges - Magisterial

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Divorce - Self Help

Divorce - How to I get a record of my Divorce?

Document Center

Dog License

Dog - Return a Lost Dog

Domestic Relations

Domestic Abuse

Domestic Abuse - Types

Domestic Violence/Abuse - Types of

Don Guanella (New Park)

Drug & Alcohol

Drug Treatment Court - Specialty Court

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Early Intervention

Early Learning Resources Center - Region 15

Economic Development Oversight Board


E-Filing - Judicial Support

Elder Services - COSA

Election Board [Board of Elections]

Election Bureau [Bureau of Elections]

Election - Delco Votes

Elected Officials

Electronic Recording Center - Courts


Emergency Food Programs

Emergency Services

Emergency Medical Services Office, Regional (EMS)

Emergency Preparedness Guide

Emergency Preparedness Guide - from ReadyPA

Emergency - Delco Ready - Planning for an Emergency

Emergency Services Training Center

Emergency Solutions Grant Program

Employment - by Title

Employment - by Location

Employment - How do I apply?

Employment Training (Office of Workforce Development)

e-PAY - Online Payment of Court Obligations

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

ESG Homeless Assistance

Ethics, Reform and Government Transparency

Examiner - Medical

Excess Funds Lists - How to request

Executive Director - Duties of

Extension - Penn State

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Facilities Management - County

Fair Acres Geriatric Center

Fair Housing

Family and Adult Services

FAQs - Courts


Fire Safety & Bureau of Park Police - Department of Public Safety


Food Pantry Location Map

Foster (Resource) Parent, Becoming a

Fraud, Waste and Abuse Hot line

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George W. Hill Correctional Facility

GIS - Custom Maps - Office of Data and Mapping Innovation

GIS - Office of Data and Mapping Innovation

Glen Providence Park

Grant Request

Green Space and Trails Project

Gun Permits

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Health Department

Health - Board of

Heat Related Health Information

Heroin Task Force

Heritage Commission

History - Delaware County

Holidays - County

Home Rule Charter (Delaware County)

Homestead Exclusion Status - Check my

HOME Program

Home Weatherization Program

Homeless Assistance

Homeless Services Coalition of Delaware County

Housing & Community Development (HCD)

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW at DCSW)

How do I apply for employment at the Government Center?

How to I get a record of my Divorce?

Human Resources (Personnel)

Human Resources - Current Job Openings

Human Services

Human Services - Emergency Services

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Inclusion, Diversity and Equity

Independent Registered Municipal Advisor

Influenza (Flu)

Information Technology

Intercommunity Health (Now Called Delaware County Health Department)

Internship Program

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Internal Management - Courts


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Jail Oversight Board

Job Openings

Job Openings - by Title

Job Openings - by Location

Judgment Index

Judicial Sale

Judicial Support

Judicial Support - E-Filing

Judges - Courts

Jury Services

Juvenile Detention - Board of Managers

Juvenile Detention and Rehabilitation Services

Juvenile Probation

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Kent Park

Kids Can Recycle in Delaware County

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LGBTQ+ Resources - Human Services

Land Developments and Subdivision - Proposed

Law Library

Legal Aid of Southeastern PA - LASP

Legal Audio Visual - Courts

Library Services



Environmental Health (Camps, Campgrounds, Food Facilities, Institutions, Mobile Homes, Public Bathing)






List of Boards and Commissions

Local Rules - Courts

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Magisterial District Judges

Magisterial District Court

Mail - Sending Mail to an Inmate at the Prison


Marriage Licenses

Marriage Records - How to Order

Medical Examiner

Mental Health Court - Specialty Court

Mental Health Info - Human Services

Mental Health Info - Health Department

Mental Retardation (Office of Intellectual Disabilities)


Motor Vehicle Management

Municipal Dashboard

Municipalities of Delaware County

Municipal Officials Directory - PDF

Municipal Zoning Map

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New Park (Former Don Guanella site)

News Releases

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Office of Children & Youth Services

Office of Early Intervention

Office of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Office of Judicial Support

Office of Sustainability

Office of Workforce Development

Open Records Request

Open Records Request

Opioid Settlement

Other Videoconferencing - Courts

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Park Police

Parks & Recreation

Park - New Park (Former Don Guanella site)


PA Rule of Judicial Administration 509 Financial Records

Pay County Taxes

Penn State Extension

Permit - Gun or Firearm

Personnel - Human Resources


Bates Award Program

Career Opportunities

Current Projects

Delco 2035

Development Review




 Municipal Programs & Initiatives

Planning Commission



Staff Directory

Planning for an Emergency - Delco Ready

Polling Places

Prison - George W. Hill Correctional Facility

Prison/Jail Oversight Board

Prison - how do I send mail to an inmate

Press Releases

Pre-Trial Bail/Bail Agency

Property Sales

Upset Price Sales

Judicial Sales

Repository Sale

Sheriff Real Estate Sales

Probate - Register of Wills

Probation and Parole Services, Adult

Probation and Parole Services, Juvenile

Proposed Subdivision and Land Developments

Protection From Abuse (PFA)

Public Access Online Systems

Public Defender

Public Relations

Public Safety - Bureau of Park Police & Fire Safety

Public Works

Purchasing, Central

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Real Estate - Online System

Recorder of Deeds

Recorder of Deeds - Online System

Recycling & Household Hazardous Waste Collections

Recycle - Kids Can Recycle in Delaware County

Regional Emergency Medical Services Office

Register of Wills & Clerk of Orphans' Court Division

Rehabilitation Services and Juvenile Detention

Repository Sale Information

Request for Bid Requirements

Retirement Board - Controller's Office

Right to Know Request

Rose Tree Park

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School Districts in Delaware County

Second Chance Specialty Court

Self Represented Litigant Guide Family Court

Senior Citizen

Senior Games

Senior Services - COSA

Services for the Aging - COSA

Seniors and Adult - Human Services

Service - AKA Community Service (formerly Community Corrections)

Services for Elders/Elderly - COSA

Services for Senior Citizens - COSA


Smedley Park


Solid Waste Authority

Specialty Courts

Spotted LANTERNFLY - Penn State

Spotted LANTERNFLY - PA Dept of Agriculture


Street Elements in Delaware County

Subdivision and Land Developments-Proposed

Substance Abuse and Recovery Task Force

Summer Festival

Support Enforcement


Sustainability Commission

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Taxes (Current Year)

Tax Claim Bureau (Delinquent Taxes)

Tax Records

Tax Rates


Teens and Young Adults - Human Services

TIP - Transportation Improvement Program


Towns in Delaware County


Transportation - Interactive system

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

Transportation Resources for County Residents and Employees traveling to Media


Types of Domestic Violence

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UCC Board of Appeals

Unclaimed Property

Upland Park

Upset Sale

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Vaccine, COVID-19

Veterans Affairs

Veterans Court - Specialty Court

Videoconferencing Courthouse to Prison

Videoconferencing - Other (Courts)

Violence - Domestic

Visit Delco

Votes - Delco

Voter Registration

Voting Machines

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Waste, Fraud and Abuse Hot line

Weatherization Program

Weights & Measures

Wellness and Prevention

West Nile

Wills - Register of

Women's Commission

Workforce Development

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Young Offenders - Specialty Court

Young Adults and Teens - Human Services

Youth and Children Services - Human Services

Your County at a Glance

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