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Job Opening: Domestic Relations Officer
Department: Domestic Relations
Unit: Conference Officers
Posting Date: June 7, 2024
Salary: $19.80 hourly start
Working Conditions: 7:30am - 4:00pm or 8:00am - 4:30pm Monday through Friday; 40 hour week. Shift assignment based upon seniority.

Under the general direction of the President Judge and Director; and supervision of the Domestic Relations Supervisor, the Domestic Relations Officer conducts conferences to establish paternity, support and enforce court orders. The officer maintains a caseload for which they are responsible to document and monitor for any/all necessary case actions required.


Conducts conferences to establish paternity and child/spousal support obligations in accordance with the PA Support Guidelines for local cases and Intergovernmental cases, which includes determining client income and ability to pay. Additionally, facilitating in entering agreed upon orders when appropriate.

Enforces court orders established by the local court or other intergovernmental agencies by conducting conferences, processing bench warrants, freezing and seizing bank accounts and by responding to any contested automated enforcement measures that are system initiated.

Schedules court hearings before a Master or Judge when resolutions cannot be reached. Attends court hearings when necessary to provide clarification of case information.

Locates absent parents to proceed with any necessary case actions. Obtains and processes all locate and contact information by utilizing sources available.

Files paperwork and sending inquiries/responses to various jurisdictions for case-related matters. Communicates with other agencies via telephone and electronic means. Maintains and developing contacts from other agencies and jurisdictions to process cases efficiently.

Monitors job seeking activity and conferencing with clients who are unemployed. Provides sources, available information, and tools to obtain employment. Enrolls clients in necessary external activities or programs.

Responds to client calls and correspondence via phone, mail or electronic means.

Assists walk-in clients with any case-related requests or inquiries.

Maintaining data integrity by ensuring all information is reflected accurately for caseload.

Manages and takes action on any notifications that require intervention for case quality and performance.

Performs other related duties as required.


Bachelor’s Degree, preferably in Social Science. Ability to work under pressure and to interact effectively with individuals who may be hostile and/or upset. Capacity to make decisions in stressful situations and preparedness to prioritize caseload. Proficiency in communicating both orally and in writing. Strong math, organizational, and communication skills with the ability to prioritize caseload actions in a timely manner are necessary.


Ability to function in stressful situations.


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