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Job Opening: Special Victims Services Coordinator
Department: District Attorney
Unit: Special Victims Unit
Salary: $18.38 per hour/$33,452.00 annually

The position is for the Special Victim witness coordinator within the District Attorney's Office. The victim SVUWC is responsible for maintaining contact with and updating restitution information to victims. The victim witness coordinator must have the ability to work effectively with other County departments including the Senior Victim Services unit. The victim witness coordinator must be competent in maintaining confidential, accurate records, data and the ability to work independently.

Duties of Position

Work with the prosecutors of the Special Victims Unit in servicing the victims and witnesses on their cases

Maintain effective communication with victims of crime regarding case updates

Provide in-person and over the phone resources to victims of crime including the offender notification systems

Provide mailings of restitution and victim impact statement forms to victims of crime

Track returned restitution and victim impact statement forms and file accordingly

Send victims resolution letters when cases are disposed of

Maintain copies of forms in the PMS Management System and update once restitution is awarded

Communicate on a regular basis with the PA Board of Probation and Parole and verify victim information with the Office of the Victim Advocate, Office of Judicial Support and Court Financial Services

Set victims up with SAVIN to determine offender custody status if applicable

Work with different companies and organizations to process incoming restitution forms

Inform victims of crime with information related to their court case

Accompany victims to court events or video conferences held at the Courthouse with the Office of the Victim Advocate and PA Board of Probation and Parole

Ensure victims have been advised of the various advocacy agencies available and update assigned advocates of case statuses

Attend trainings related to serving crime victims

Refer victims of crime to additional resources including other victim and social service agencies

Attend meetings with other victim serving agencies and participate in National Crime Victims' Rights Week each year

Other dutles as assigned by the Office Administrator and or Deputy of the Special Victims Unit

Run Criminal Histories on cases

Request Surveillance Videos from Police Department from Stores, college campuses and transit location

Request MVR (Dash Cam Videos), 911 Calls

Keep Dissemination Log of Criminals Histories run

Request dispositions for out of State/County cases

Copy CD/Surveillance Videos from police departments

Follow up with Hospital Records and Medical Examiner's Reports

Request Lab Reports and Fee Sheets

Request Juvenile Records

Must pass test to be certified to operate JNet to run criminal histories

Request police reports/accident reports, Photos and Criminal Complaint and Affidavits

Input files/scans in PMS system after they have been assigned by the Deputy of the Special Victims Unit

Updates witness'/victim's information to the cases

Prepare subpoenas for police officers/victims/witnesses

Scans and emails discovery to Defense Counsel

Prepare all Writs-County/state/Federal writs for out of county prisoners

Submits prisoner transport to Sheriff's for added or continued prisoner cases

Orders medical records from medical facilities

Subpoenas for cell phone records

Order notes of testimony including District Court and Common Pleas Court

Locates missing files or reproduces files if necessary

Files motions/petitions in OJS and Criminal Court Administration; mail a copy to the defense attorney

Enters case dispositions and mail letters

Completes Nolle Prosequi Orders, scans signed copy, documented reason and front cover of fite and saves in DA shared files, marks the file with "NP" and returns file to file room for destruction


Bachelor's Degree or several years professional experience. Knowledge of the criminal justice system, Proficient computer skills and use of Microsoft Windows Applications (including: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access).

Physical Requirements: Normal, good health. Ability to sit for extended periods of time.

Working Conditions: 8:30-4:30 PM Monday through Friday, 35-hour week. Air-conditioned office.


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