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Released: Released: December 24, 2020

During the holiday season, many people look forward to celebrating with family and friends. Residents are strongly urged to reconsider traditional holiday plans and travel plans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The weeks following Thanksgiving saw the highest COVID-19 cases since the pandemic began, with several days of cases between 350 and 400 cases per day. Delaware County recently saw the curve begin to flatten over the past week, following the post-Thanksgiving surge. This is reassuring and shows that mitigation efforts work. Repeating the social gathering that occurred over Thanksgiving and led to record high cases hampers the progress the County has made.

Public health investigators are linking a majority of cases in Delaware County to social gatherings and are strongly urging people to not host gatherings this holiday season. The safest way to celebrate the holidays this year is to celebrate virtually or with just the people in your household.

While distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine has begun in Delaware County, it is still in its early stages and currently being given to essential healthcare workers. Residents need to continue to be vigilant.

“This is not the type of holiday season that any of us want to be in,” said Delaware County Councilman Kevin Madden. “We’d rather be celebrating with family and friends. While it’s extremely difficult to not gather with the ones we love this year, it’s necessary if we want to mitigate the spread of the virus and protect our loved ones and the community. We need to be responsible and make decisions that protect each other and protect our schools and businesses.”

The Chester County Health Department has issued Holiday Guidance during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Holiday Guidance:

•Limit in-person holiday gatherings to only people you live with or limit to a small group of individuals with whom you are regularly in contact.

•Keep visits short – gatherings that last longer pose more risk than short gatherings.

•Host a virtual holiday dinner with extended family or friends, especially if they are at higher risk for illness from COVID-19.

•Prepare traditional family recipes for family and neighbors and deliver them in a way that doesn’t involve contact with others.

The full guidance can be found here:

Residents are reminded to download the COVID Alert APP:

On Dec. 23, Delaware County reported a total of 26,657 cases. There have been 933 COVID-19 related deaths in the county.

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